Configuring Jenkins to automatically merge multiple branches into one using GitHub hooks

One of the pending tasks I faced until recently in my work was to find a proper way to configure Jenkins to receive notifications from pushes in GitHub and use those to trigger a merge between every modified branch and… Continue Reading →

IptabLex/IptabLes XOR.DDoS attack on UNIX systems

For almost a year now, I have had the opportunity to work with a small network of machines part of a high-speed network and publicly facing the Internet – thus consequently reachable by everyone. During the last quarter of the… Continue Reading →

Sending messages in Linux

Sometimes you may be interested in sending a message to some or every user connected to the same machine as you. There is probably a large list of possibilities, but I will be documenting only two of them: Wall This… Continue Reading →

Environment variables in Linux with Apache and Django

One of the basic issues any software developer or maintainer may face at some point is how to provide the software such that it can be installed and run from anywhere. Most people probably prefer a system where the configuration… Continue Reading →

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